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If you have a question you would like to see answered here, please email by clicking on the link below.


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Is it possible to make changes to my ad once it's listed?

Yes, you can make unlimited free changes to your ad. Just email your changes and dress number to me and I will update your ad. You can reduce your price, change your photo, description, measurements...anything.


How much will it cost me to sell my dress on Dance Again?

One single payment of $US10, with nothing more to pay, no ongoing payments and no final sales commission. Click here to go to the Fees&Charges page for more information.


What exactly am I getting for my money?

Customer service! You get so much more than just a picture of your dress on the internet. Click here for a full explanation.


I have a dress I would like to sell, how do I get it on the site?

All the information about how to list your dress is on my main dresses page. If you still have questions or aren't sure what to do, please use the link at the top of this page to email me.


My dress has sold, how do I remove it from the site?

Please email me with your dress number and I will put a sold sign on your dress.


There are now so many used dress websites, even some free ones, why should I choose Dance Again?

Since Dance Again opened for business, it has grown into one of the best known places on the internet to buy and sell new or used dresses. The site receives over 2,900 visitors a day and over 14,400 dresses have found new homes through Dance Again. The Dance Again Facebook page has over 15,500 followers and our Instagram page, 1,500 and growing every day! 


Our listing fee is simple and fair. One single payment of $US10 with no ongoing subscription payments and no sales commission, you know right from the start how much it will cost you. Some dresses sell quickly, but some can take months to sell, making subscription payments more expensive in the long run. Our once only fee will work out cheaper for the majority of sellers.


For more reasons why you should list your dress on Dance Again, you only need to read our Customer Feedback to see why sellers and buyers continue to return to the site year after year.


How long will my dress stay listed on the site?

Once your dress is listed it stays there until it is sold *+. Nothing further to pay. Conditions apply, please read below...


* If dress buyers advise me that you are not replying to emails, I will try contacting you. If you do not reply, a note will be put on your dress ad asking you to contact me. If you still fail to contact me, your dress will be removed from the site.


+ Unfortunately some sellers do not let me know when their dress sells. Listings that haven't been updated in 2 years will be considered abandoned and removed. To update your ad, please simply email me: The 2 year time limit will reset each time you update your listing.


Please check your emails regularly and please let me know if your email address changes. Please reply if I email you!


How can my dress be found on the site?

There are several ways that you and buyers can find your dress. When it is first listed, your dress will be shown on the website home page. As new dresses are added, your dress will move along and eventually leave that page. At the same time, your dress is also listed under your chosen age group. When your dress is listed, you will be given a special dress number so that you can come to the site at any time and find your dress. Using the drop down "Costumes For Sale" menu at the top of any page, select the page number to be taken to your page. For example, if your dress number is 611B, go to page 6B and scroll down to find your dress in numerical order. This position on the site is yours for the duration of your listing, your dress is not continually pushed further and further back into the site as new dresses are listed. Buyers will also use the drop down menu to select an age group to browse. Having a static position on the site and a specific listing number also makes it quick and easy for buyers to return to your dress for a second look without having to scroll back through the pages looking for a dress that is constantly moving. Your dress will also be posted on our popular Facebook and Instagram pages.

New search filters! Buyers can now search each page by color, measurements, dressmaker and location. Or select "Shop All" and search the entire inventory of dresses, no matter what age group they are listed under.


I have seen something I like, now what should I do?

Each item on Dance Again is held by it's owner. If you have a question about an item, you must contact the owner directly. Click on the email link that you will find in the ad to send your message. Please also read the Buyers Question & Answer page.


What is the best way to arrange payment?

For what I think is the best and fairest way to arrange payment for an item bought on Dance Again, please check the payment advice page.


I have just sold my solo costume, what is the best way to package it for mailing?

Click here to go to my Packing Your Dress for Shipping page.


I am in one country and the buyer in another, how do I arrange payment?

You have a choice here, the buyer can send you a cheque in their own currency or an international money order in your currency. Please check with your bank first before accepting a cheque for a foreign currency amount. You will find that it will take longer to clear, sometimes several weeks and you may be charged higher bank fees to cover the exchange. You also may be affected by fluctuating exchange rates and may not get the same amount you expected! Your buyer will be able to obtain an international money order, in your currency, from their bank and have it made out for the exact amount you both agreed on.


Paypal is also a great, secure way to send money anywhere in the world. Click here to visit my PayPal help page and the paypal website at for more information.


I am having a dress sent to me, should I get insurance?

YES!! Insurance doesn't cost much and could save you if the dress gets lost or damaged in transit. I think this is a very small amount to pay to protect such a big investment.


My buyer has received the dress, but they aren't happy. What should I do?

You must be clear, before accepting payment for the dress, whether or not you will accept it back for a refund. If you agree to accept the dress back, I suggest the following...

1. The buyer must inform you immediately upon the arrival of the dress that it is unsuitable and that they would like to return it.

2. Give the buyer a time limit to return the dress, I would say that if they are not happy, they must return the dress (or have it on it's way back to you) within 2 days of receiving it.

3. The dress must be returned to you in the exact condition it was in when you sent it.

4. If they have worn the dress, damaged it or altered it in any way, you are under no obligation to accept its return.

5. I would advise you to not refund the money until you have received the dress back and can check that it is alright.

6. If your dress was bought by someone overseas, you may like to suggest that they keep the dress in their country and re-list it for sale by changing the email link in the ad to their own - this is a free service.. They can increase the price slightly to cover what they originally paid for shipping if they like. Doing this will save them the cost of shipping the dress back to you. You may also have received other enquiries about the dress and could pass on the email addresses of other potential buyers.

7. If the buyer is overseas, they must write on the customs declaration "Returning to sender, wrong size", so that you do not get charged any duty to receive your dress back. Keep your original shipping documents in case you need to show them as proof of having sent the dress originally.


My dress has been listed for a while now and still not sold, any suggestions?

Is your price too high? Check through all of the dress pages and have a look at what other dresses are selling for. Look for dresses of similar age and appearance to compare. Consider adding "or best offer" to your ad and see what offers people make, this will give you a better idea of what people would be willing to pay for your dress.


Are your photos clear? Do they show the dress at it's best? If not, try taking some new photos. You are welcome to send me a selection and I will choose the ones I think show the dress at its best for sale. If you have photos of your dancer wearing the dress, I can crop the photo for you so that only the dress shows. There is no charge to change your photos.


Could your description be better? Have as many details about your dress in the ad as possible. Include the age of the dress, colours, fabrics, where it was made and by whom, describe the design and inclusions such as bloomers, headband, scrunchie, tiara etc. If you have the dress listed as "final sale" consider changing this to "returns accepted/negotiable", buyers are more likely to take a chance on a dress if they know they won't be stuck with it if it isn't right for their dancer when it arrives.


Lastly, hang in there! Dress sizes vary greatly and it may take a while for someone who fits your dress to come along.


How can I work out how much it will cost to ship my dress to the buyer?

All world wide postal services have postage calculators on their websites. You will need to know approximately how much your dress and all of the packing materials weigh and the destination country/postcode to get an idea of the costs. Once you secure a buyer, it is best to take the dress and packaging to your nearest post office and get a quote so that you can ask the buyer for the correct amount. Don't forget to ask for the cost of insurance as well and offer this to your buyer.


I am a business owner/dressmaker and would like to advertise on your site, what are my choices?

I offer free clickable website/social media/email links on my Dance Supplies or Dressmakers page. Your business will be listed under your home country. One link per business.


I'm not sure about using PayPal, any advice?

Yes! Please click here to visit my PayPal help page.


I have received a strange email, I think it may be a scam, what should I do?

Please visit the Internet Scams page on the site for examples of emails received by sellers, an explanation of the scams and advice on what you should do if you receive a suspect email.


I use Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo and the email links in the dress ads don't work for me, what can I do?

You need to set a mail program as your "default email program" in other words, when you click on an email link on the site, it will open up your mail program so that you can email the dress seller. Try the following...


For Outlook users

For Gmail users

For Windows Mail users

For Yahoo Mail users


If you use another mail program, go to Google and in the search bar type "how to make xyz my default mail program" and you will find many sites that will give you instructions on how to do it.


To quickly obtain the email address of a seller without changing your settings, you should be able right click the email link and select "copy email address". Depending on your device or operating system, there will most likely be a different process. Google "How do I copy/paste an email address on an iphone" for example.


I have a good photo of my daughter wearing the dress but I don't want her face showing on the website..

No problem, you can send your best photo to me and I will crop it so that only the dress shows. I do not show children's faces on the site.


I have had my listing changed but when I go back to check it, I don't see the changes..

If you see the wrong dress when you visit a page or if you change your listing, such as a new photo or price change, but still see the old photo/price when you go back to check your ad, try refreshing your screen. This will force your computer to look for the newest version of the page.

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