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Thank you for advertising your dress on Dance Again. Since it's launch in February 2001, Dance Again has grown from a very simple site to being one of the best known places on the internet to buy and sell Irish dance dresses. Attracting over 22 million visitors to date, with an average of over 2,900 visitors per day, the site has resulted in over 14,400 dresses, both new and used, finding new homes throughout the world.


Social Media: The Dance Again Facebook page has 15,500+ members and our Instagram has 1,560+ followers. All dresses listed on the website are also featured on Facebook and Instagram, ensuring that your dress is seen by thousands of people!


Simply email me, or use my dress or boys costume listing form, or send advice of a sold costume using the links below

So that your dress can be listed as quickly as possible, please include the following information..

1. Two photos of your dress. Optional: Short video of your dress.


2. Approximate age that the dress would be suitable for, ie: under 6, 7-9, 8-10, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16 and over. Your dress can be listed in ONE age group only.


3. Dress description- colours, design, fabric, condition of dress, dressmaker/designers name, level dress would be suitable for ie, championship, beginner/novice? - inclusions such as crown, bloomers etc. Please do not type your description in capitol letters.


4. Measurements ( in inches )

- chest:

- waist:

- sleeve length:

- skirt length:

- bodice length - shoulder to waist:

- neck to waist:

- full dress length from shoulder (or centre neck, please specify):

- shoulder to shoulder across back:

- any other measurements that you would like to include


5. Price- Please specify which currency you wish to be paid in. Is shipping included or extra?


6. If the buyer is not completely happy with the dress, will you accept it's return and refund the dress price to the buyer?


Please be very honest about the condition of your dress.


Email any questions to

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