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You will need a strong flat cardboard box which can be purchased for around $5 from removalists companies or one of those self storage places. I went to my local recycling centre and found this great box for free. It was bigger than required so I just cut it down to size and taped it back up again.

If buying a removalists box, don't set it up, just leave it flat.

You will also need wide tape, scissors, bubble wrap and a new garbage bag/large bin liner.

Fold your dress carefully over at the waist with a sheet of bubble wrap between the bodice front and skirt so there is no rubbing. Then wrap the folded dress in bubble wrap and secure with lots of tape.

If your cape has velcro, put it in a seperate bag along with the headpiece, bloomers and any other inclusions. Tape it onto the packaged dress.


Sometimes your package will be opened by customs for inspection. Just as a safety precaution, tape the buyers address to the packaged dress.

Put the packaged dress as shown above, into a clean garbage bag and tape well. This is just in case your boxed dress gets wet in transit.

Slide your packaged dress into your flat box.

Tape the box up securely, go round and round the box, covering all openings.

Print out a large address label and stick it on the box. Cover the address label in tape so that it will not catch on anything in transit and get torn off and so that it is water resistant. Remember to include your own address as "sender".

Print out some more labels or just write on the box in large letters...

"Fragile - Please Do Not Bend"

Please note that the information listed above is just a suggested method of packing your dress.

Dance Again can not be held responsible for dresses that may be damaged in transit.

I recommend taking out insurance to cover loss or damage to your dress.

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