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Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to share their dress selling experience!

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Thanks Lisa for helping me to sell my girls' dresses. I could hardly believe that my eldest daughter's dress was pretty much sold within 24 hours and with a queue of people wanting to buy it too! I have lost count how many times I have sold dresses on Dance-Again. It must be 20+. Each time you have been so helpful and patient, happy to answer my many questions. Thanks once again.

Colleen Manuel, Australia. 19th November 2008


Please mark our dress as sold! Can you believe it sold in less than a week! In truth, it sold the 2nd day on your site. I want to thank you for the fantastic service you are providing. The new form you are using made it so easy to gather the important information needed. And downloading pictures was simple. This is the 2nd time I have used The first time I used it was to purchase a dress and this time I sold one. Both experiences were extremely positive. You put e-bay to shame! I will use your service again without hesitation.

Ann Marie Quan, USA. 9th November 2008


Just to inform you that our dress has sold. In less than TWO weeks. Fantastic! Thank you for your amazing site that allows us to on sell our dresses.

Sandi Priestley, USA. 1st November 2008


Hi, I have sold my dress. I have received the money and it is sold. Thank you very much again for all your help. Every time I put a dress up for sale on this website it sells so fast. This will be the last dress I sell as I am retiring from solo competitions. As always I will recommend this site to everyone trying to sell their dress.

Lisa Chapman, Scotland. 10th October 2008


Thank you very much for your wonderful website! I sold our dress after only being online with you 4 days!

Juli Dalzell, USA. 6th October 2008


Please mark our dress (purple Mary Skotnicki design) as sold!! Thank you so much! Using your service was easy, and I had several hits off your site before our dress sold (in less than ONE month!). We also bought our new dress form your site. We will be sure to come back when it's our turn to buy and sell again!

Karen U, Massachusetts USA. 1st October 2008


Just wanted to thank you for helping me sell my daughters dress, it has been sent to America. I will definitely be using your service again and have recommended it to my friends. Thanks.

Susan Haughey, Northern Ireland. 25th September 2008


I am so happy to say that our dress is sold. Thank you so much for your tips and informative website. We followed your directions and sent the dress to be tried on all the way to California and it worked out perfectly for both buyer and seller. It took about a month to sell the dress. I would highly recommend your website to fellow dancing friends. When I tried to sell it at a feis, the dress was continually taken off the rack and held by people for hours. This made me very nervous when I couldn't find the dress. Your website is the best way for many people to view the dress. Thanks.

Eileen Downes, USA. 20th September 2008


Just wanted to let you know that our dress has sold! Yay! We had many enquiries and it was only a short time before it sold. This definitely beats bringing a dress from feis to feis! Thanks again for your great site.

Joann Lewis, USA. 22nd August 2008


Just wanted to let you know that my dress is now sold. Thanks very much for your replies to all of my questions. Your website was just what I needed to get it sold!

Sheri Connelly, USA. 18th August 2008


Again, thanks for your prompt listing. The dress sold the same day it was listed. This was at least the 3rd dress I listed with you that sold. Thank you again for your service,

Victoria Gasiorowski, USA. 18th June 2008


Thank you so much for the use of your web-site. I can now officially tell you that my dress has been sold. My dress got an emailer in the first 24hrs and she ended up buying it. My dress is now going from Ireland to America.

Marie O'Connor, Ireland. 29th May 2008


Our dress is sold...the ad wasn't even posted on the site for 24hrs!! I am so grateful to you for providing this service, and I have once again recommended you to all my ID friends!! Thank you again, all the best to you.

Lisa Naylor, USA. 16th April 2008


Mollie’s dress has been sold (it’s gone to a good home in America). The buyer is really happy with it and there were absolutely no problems with the whole process. We followed the instructions on your website and they certainly helped make the sale smooth and easy. It’s such a great service that you provide. I’m happy for you to include my feedback on your website as encouragement for others to use Dance Again.

Margie Brennan, Australia. 14th April 2008


Unbelievable!! I received your email to say the dress was listed and five minutes later (seriously!) the dress was sold. Fantastic, love your website, that's the second dress sold almost instantly. Thank you so much.

Julie Rolph, U.K. 10th April 2008


Thank you for all your help. My dress is now sold and I have received payment for the dress. I can not say thank you enough for the wonderful opportunity you offer the Irish dance world.

Natasha Lonam, USA. 10th April 2008


Hi Lisa, The dress is officially sold. Thanks again for your wonderful service. I have over time, sold 3 dresses on your site and I believe on all 3 I had an offer in less than a week.

Elizabeth Pellicane, USA. 2nd April 2008


I am now in the process of selling my third dress on the Dance Again website. This wonderful site has allowed me to update my daughters dresses quickly and easily and each time I have sold a dress I have bought one in return. My daughter and I love to scroll through the pages and comment on the lovely assortment on offer. Thank you for supplying the Irish dancing community with this excellent resource. 10/10.

Jannell Davidson, N.S.W. Australia. 25th March 2008


Thank you for your wonderful service. We live in California and have sold both of our dresses to dancers living 2000 miles away. Thank you!

Eileen Leach, USA. 24th March 2008


Thank you once again for your wonderful service. You have made it possible to match up the right dress with the right buyer. I have just had the most pleasant experience selling a dress to a young lady in Kentucky and we live in CA. Before you pioneered this service it would have been very difficult to find such a great match of buyer and dress.

Monica Deyo, USA. 13th March 2008


The buyers love the dress so I would like to mark it as sold. Thanks for making this process so easy! When we are ready to sell dd’s new dress we will certainly use your service again. All the best.

Nancy M. Schneider, USA. 7th March 2008


I'm happy to say that our dress has been sold! Thank you so much for this site, you make the process so easy and this has by far been our least stressful sale. We'll be sure to use dance-again in the future.

Maureen D, USA. 3rd March 2008


Our dress has been sold. I got an offer the same day that it went up and it has been received by the buyer. Thanks for your service, all the dance moms I know use your website to look for dresses and now I'll tell them how fast you can sell one!

Ann Jay, USA. 3rd March 2008


Our dress has been sold. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I recommend your site to all the other dance moms I know who are having a hard time getting rid of a dress. You make it much easier than taking the dress to every feis we go to.

Nancy O'Brien, USA. 1st March 2008


I just wanted to let you know that our dress is now sold. We had TONS of inquiries. Thanks again for ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL dress sale. Your website is fabulous & I always have luck purchasing & selling dresses on it.

Lisa McArdle, USA. 15th February 2008


Hi Lisa, just to let you know my dress has been sold, the buyer has received the dress and is happy with it. Thanks again for all your help and I wouldn’t hesitate in using this service again. I also recommend this site to everyone at my dancing school – it’s a great website. Thanks again.

Lisa Kirk, Scotland. 2nd February 2008


Hi Lisa, I wanted to let you know that we finally sold our dress. We want to thank you so much for handling the sale of the dress and all the updates to keep it there. We appreciate what you do in helping so many families sell the abundance of dresses that are out there these days.

Anne Baergen, USA. 2nd February 2008


Just wanted to let you know that the dress was sold today, so you may remove it from the site. BTW, out of 3 sites I advertised on, all of the enquiries I received came from yours-thanks!

Pat Egan, USA. 27th January 2008


I am happy to say we have sold our dress. Thank you for all your help. The service has been wonderful and I will not hesitate to recommend your site to fellow dancers.

Kim Hess, USA. 23rd January 2008


I have now sold our dress so you can remove it from your website. Many thanks for everything - I have had loads of enquiries - it just took a bit of time to eventually sell!!! Thanks also for such a prompt and efficient service - I am, of course, recommending you to other parents at our dance school.

Carmel D, U.K. 19th January 2008


I am so pleased our dress sold so quickly. Thank you for your wonderful website and posting the dress for us so quickly. Please indicate our pink Gavin Doherty dress has been sold. I love your site both for purchasing and selling....just great!

Tammi O'Neill, USA. 14th January 2008.

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