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Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to share their dress selling experience!

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I am the College student that had a wanted Ad on your site. I am very happy to say that a beautiful dress found me thanks to your site and that I am no longer in need of the space. So many people contacted me about dresses, this is such a wonderful site you have for us Irish Dancers! Thanks again!

Ashley H, USA. 28th December 2007


Thanks very much for all your help with the sale of our first solo dress, it was an extremely pain free way to sell a dress, definitely easier than carting two dresses back and forth every time we went to a feis! Thanks again for all you do & for providing this wonderful service! Definitely well worth the money!

Kathy, USA. 4th December 2007


Brilliant result, dress was only on your website one day and it is sold - thank you so much.

Julie Rolph, U.K. 17th November 2007


Our dress has SOLD (with three offers in one week!). Thanks so much for all you do . . .your site is wonderful.

Joann Lewis, USA. 15th November 2007


I just want to let you know we have sold our pale pink Gavin Doherty Dress. The buyer has received the dress and is pleased. Thank you for advertising our dress. We have sold two dresses with your website. It's the best way to sell a dress and so easy to do. Thank you again,

Corinne Armstrong, U.K. 14th November 2007


Once again, for the 3rd time, I thank you for your service. Our daughter's dress has sold and in record time. Thankyou again.

RG Luckow, USA. 12th November 2007


Just wanted to let you know that my daughter's dress sold in 3 days on your site!!! Thanks so much for how quickly you posted the photos and measurements. Your site really does work. Thanks again.

Jeanne Talpash, USA. 7th November 2007


Hi Lisa! Dress 1915 has been sold now! What a great service. Thank you for Dance-Again..I am telling everyone about listing with you. It took less than 2 months to sell the 3 dresses. I would encourage all your buyers to offer money-back, satisfaction guarantees. It seems people are more willing to contact you if you provide them with this assurance up front.

Madeleine Heinrich, USA. 17th October 2007


The dress sold within hours of it being advertised! Thank you once again for your fantastic service. Until next time..

Jo Sharps, New Zealand. 14th October 2007


Just letting you know that our dress has sold. Thank you once again for helping me sell a dress, this is the 5th one I've sold on your site!

Mary McMurtrie, Australia. 2nd October 2007


Well, lowering the price certainly did the trick! I sold the dress today, and had the opportunity to deliver it a local feis to a lovely dancer and her family. I know you can appreciate this, as it was her first solo dress, and this particular dress was much loved by my daughter and myself. So I am in one way sad to see it go, but also extremely happy that it went to such a lovely girl :) Her mother just emailed me to say that she danced top of her class today as well, how's that for a happy ending, or shall I say, happy beginning :) Thanks so much for the wonderful service you offer, I've now sold 2 dresses within months of each other, to 2 great families :) Much success and happiness to you too!

Karen Darby, USA. 1st October 2007


Lisa it has sold. Kudos to you and your website. This is the second dress I have sold and it really works.

Maureen, USA. 22nd September 2007


My second dress has sold. THANK YOU so much. This is a great website and for both dresses I sold, I think I had very happy buyers. I will absolutely recommend your site to others. Thank you.

Amy O'Brien, USA. 11th September 2007


Hello, We have sold our dress-thank you so much for a great service!!! We tried selling it at feis' for about a year, here it was sold within weeks-Thanks again!

Joan Tendler, USA. 23th August 2007


Hey Lisa, I hope you don't find this too odd, but I just wanted to say thanks. I sold my youngest daughters dress through you several months ago. It was an adorable (does everyone say that?) pink dragonfly dress. Anyway - it was sold to a girl clear across the country. We were so happy to have sold it, but kind of sad to see it go. (I am sure you have heard that before too). OK - on to the point. After the dress was sold, I received a really sweet letter from the new owner (I think she is 6, maybe 7) and today the mom sent me photos of her daughter wearing the dress. I cannot believe this mom took time out of her day to e-mail me pictures. But without your service, this wouldn't have happened. Sure, I could have schlepped the dress all over the place. And maybe it would have sold locally, but instead of a couple hundred people viewing it 4 times in 2 months - tons of people saw it and one amazing mom bought it. So - in a nutshell... thanks. I am so grateful to you and your website.

Kelly Gentz Sconzo, USA. 11th August 2007


Hi, just to let you know I have sold my dress. I just received payment today. Thanks for having such a great website to sell my dress. I have been really impressed with the fast and accurate service. I wouldn't hesitate to put another dress up for sale on your website. Thanks again.

Lisa, U.K. 11th August 2007


My Gavin dress has been sold. Thanks so much for your help. I have now sold 3 dresses (and found my daughter's next dress that's just perfect!) with you this summer. Whew!!! That's a relief!

Marcy Skillin, USA. 4th August 2007


Thanks Lisa for yet another easy process listing my dress. We've had such success with you, thanks for a great site and your hard work.

Donna McGeough, USA. 3rd August 2006


Dear Lisa, I want to offer fresh thanks to you for running your incredible site. Today I made an offer to buy #1418 for my younger daughter's first solo dress, and the seller and I agreed on a price that we are both happy with. Friends will pick up the dress at the Albany Feis tomorrow, and my daughter will have it tomorrow night. We already know it fits because the seller sent it with her friends to Rochester Feis last weekend so my daughter could try it on. (We needed teacher approval which came this week).I spotted the dress on your site the day it went up and thought my daughter would like it. She tried it on for about 5 minutes and was thrilled with it. A week later and it's hers (well, tomorrow). Lisa, in 6-7 years of dancing this is the first and only solo dress she ever tried on! I just think it is so great the way it's worked out, and want to thank you for making my life so easy! When I think of the stress that went into selecting my other daughter's 1st dress years ago (before Dance-again) I still can't believe my luck with this! This note is getting too long, but if you ever need a customer testimonial, please count on me. I have sold my last 2 dresses through you, and this will be the 3rd in a row I've purchased from Dance-again. You have kept the sport affordable for me and enabled me to invest in great costumes, then sell them when needed and re-invest. Wonderful, honest, enjoyable people involved each and every time. Thank you, Lisa, for a GREAT service!

Colleen Collins, USA. 21st July 2007


Thank you so very much for a wonderful site. I just received a dress this morning that we purchased through your site. It is absolutely gorgeous and we appreciate all of the hard work that goes into a site such as this. Thank you again!

Colleen Kohn, USA. 10th July 2007


I wanted to let you know that our dress has sold. This is the second dress I have sold with you and they both sold in less than a month!! Thanks!!

Jennifer Connell, USA. 25th June 2007


I have sold the dress. Thank you so much for your help, as soon as it went up on your site, I started getting emailed like crazy about it! I'll be back the next time I have to sell a dress!

Mary Echter, USA. 24th June 2007


Woohoo! The dress is SOLD! Thanks for facilitating two transactions within a few months for us! I will certainly use you again!

Lee Ann Brensinger, USA. 13th June 2007


Hi Lisa..Our dress has been sold..Thanks again, without your service a very sweet dancer in California would not be the new owner of a much loved dress from Boston..thank you ! Warm regards..

Claire Hurley, USA. 5th June 2007


Hi Lisa...thank you again for another successful transaction. Our dress has been sold! Only 3 days this time! It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Margie Sloan, USA. 3rd June 2007


Thanks for a great outlet for providing a place to sell our lovely dresses. Being from Canada it's nice to see that my dress went to North Carolina. Will use you again if need be. It was a very positive experience for me being my first time. Thanks.

Maria Arsenault, Canada. 2nd June 2007


This is the fourth dress I have sold using your site - thank you once again for your advice and assistance. Whenever I have a dress to sell now, I don't even bother to advertise it anywhere else - there's no need! Thanks again Lisa and hopefully I'll be using your site again in the future.

Catherine Casey, Ireland. 26th May 2007


I just wanted to let you know that I have sold the soft shoes. My ad reads "retiring dancer sale". This was the only item left. I also want to thank you. Your site worked great and it was nice to get some of the $$$ back that I spent. You have done a super job of keeping the site updated when items were sold. Thanks again.

Steve Kerper, USA. 14th May 2007


Hi Lisa, you can officially mark my dd's dress as sold. It went to New Zealand by way of Glasgow! Once again thank you for your expert service and advice. We have been your customers once as buyers and 3x as sellers with wonderful, quick results.

Gerry Farrell, USA. 19th April 2007


I'm writing to let you know that our dress has been sold from Massachusetts to Texas. Thanks again for maintaining such a useful and well-run site! This is the second time I've placed a dress for sale on Dance-Again, and the second time I've had several interested parties and a sale without a hitch. Your site is a valuable service to the Irish dance community, and well worth the small fee!

Kerri Ann Connelly, Boston, MA, USA. 11th April 2007


I just wanted to let you know that I sold my dress. Thank you so much, this is the second dress I have sold using dance-again and I have had nothing but positive experiences! Thank you :)

Katie, USA. 7th April 2007


Happily, both of our dresses are sold! Thanks again for providing such a great service to the ID community.

Carolyn Strasle, USA. 15th February 2007


Our dress has sold!! You have made this process very easy - what a concept! I would highly recommend this website to anyone looking to sell or buy a dress. Thank you for all of your help.

Debbie Byrne, USA. 3rd February 2007


Thank you so much for taking the time to list our dress on your site. I am pleased to say that it has now Sold. I will be in touch soon to list another dress. Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provided.

Rachelle Kelly, London UK. 1st February 2007


Just wanted to let you know that thanks to your site, I have once again sold a dress. Thanks again for a great site and service. I'll probably be listing another dress later this week or next week!! :)

Leah Pereira, USA. 31st January 2007


Thank you so much for the service you provide! I doubt I could have sold this dress at all, or at least not as quickly and efficiently without your help. I will recommend your site to every dancer I know.

Kathleen Mesterharm, USA. 31st January 2007


This is my 4th purchase off Dance Again. All purchases have been easy, successful, and through very nice and helpful sellers!

Cathy deCampos, USA. 24th January 2007


I just wanted to let you know that our dress is already sold! I heard from someone literally within hours of you posting it and it sold to that Mom! It fits her daughter perfectly and they love it! Thank you, thank you so much for your help!

Maureen Downes, USA. 16th January 2007


HI! Please remove dress from your website. I just sold it last week! Thank you so much for having such a wonderful site! I received numerous inquiries almost every day! I will be listing our next dress when we sell it. Thank you again.

Eileen O'Connell, USA. 6th January 2007

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