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Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to share their dress selling experience!

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Once again, "Dance-Again" has been a life saver! Our dress is sold. Thanks for this wonderful service.

Michele Conway, USA. 9th November 2006


Thanks for your help regarding paypal, the sale is now complete which I am very happy about! I have struggled in the past to sell on my daughter's old dresses, but dance again made it so easy! I hope my other dress will sell as easily, Many thanks.

Jackie Sidoli, U.K. 6th November 2006


Just to let you know that our dress is sold. The dress arrived yesterday and the buyer is delighted with it. This was the first time I ever sold a dress online and it was a very positive experience. Thank you for your guidance and your wonderful site.

Beth Greene, Canada. 3rd November 2006


Thank you for your help selling our dress. The dress was officially sold within two weeks of putting it on Dance Again. We are very pleased with your website and will continue to use it for all our dress needs. Thanks again for your help!

Lydia Collins, USA. 3rd November 2006


I just want to let you know that we have now bought two dresses and sold one on Dance Again, and all three experiences have been smooth and friendly. When our daughter outgrows this latest dress, we'll be back again. Thank you,

Linda Allen, USA. 3rd November 2006


Thank you so much for your site! I really appreciate not having to drag these dresses around with me to different feisanna. I ended up selling dress 734 to someone in Michigan - we would never have met if it weren't for you.

Nancy O'Brien, USA. 21st October 2006


Just a note to inform you that our dress is sold. Thank you for your help and great advice, and also for providing such a wonderful vehicle to advertise to such a global market. Many, many thanks,

Niall Clerkin, Ireland. 16th October 2006


I cannot say enough about your service! The dress that I've been dragging to feis' for the last 6 months sold on your site in 3 days! Amazing! Thanks so much.

Susie Julian, USA. 10th October 2006


I just wanted to let you know that the dress has been sold, the response has been fantastic, this is the third dress that I have sold with your help. The buyer lives in America and I will be posting from Northern Ireland, thanks again Lisa for all your help.

Carol, Northern Ireland, 14th September 2006


Please mark our dress as sold, yeah! The buyer confirmed that the dress arrived safely, and the dance teacher declared it as 'perfect'. Thank you so much for the service you offer. I bought this dress from a seller in Scotland, via your web site, four years ago, and now it has gone on from California to a dancer in Arkansas. None of us would have connected without your service, so keep up the good work!

Barbara N, USA. 13th September 2006


Can you please remove our dress as it sold straight away the day after it was posted. I have sold both my outstanding dresses now on your site and would like to thank you very much, I have passed on my comments to some of my friends and they will to hopefully be using your services. Thanks again for everything I wish everything was this easy!!!!

Karen C, USA. 3rd September 2006


We were fortunate to sell this dress over the last weekend. The buyer saw it on your web site, contacted me and made arrangements at a local feis to meet, look at the dress and try it on for size. Thanks so much for your service - this is a definite "must" for people looking to sell their dresses!

Brendan Corcoran, USA. 28th August 2006


The dress has sold! thank you very much!! Didn't think it could be this easy to sell a dress!!!

Katie, USA. 26th August 2006


Just wanted to drop you a note that our dress has sold. It actually sold in one day....Amazing. I should have just listed with you in the first place instead of schlepping it to a half a dozen feisanna.

Margie Sloan, USA. 22nd August 2006


The entire process, from posting the dress to communicating with the seller, to shipping & payment went extremely smoothly. This is the first time we tried this & I was a little apprehensive at the start but things went better than I could have imagined. You can take our dress off the site for now. We do have another dress we may be posting in the near future, though, our experiences with this sale having been so positive. Thanks.

Michael Sipes, USA. 30th July 2006


I just wanted to let you know that our dress has sold - in just one week!! Thanks.

Elizabeth Moyer, USA. 17th June 2006


Just wanted to tell you that I sold a dress. Yippee. It is now sold to someone clear across the country. Thank you for your website. It never would have been seen if not for you. Thanks again.

Janice Petruk, Canada. 15th June 2006


Great news - we sold our dress the same week it was listed!!! Thanks for your great service - it was SOOOO easy to use!

Jo Sharps, New Zealand. 31st May 2006


Thanks so much for listing my dress. It sold the first day it went up with a bidding war and I ended up getting much more than I asked for it. I still have hundreds of emails coming in on it so could you please now take it off now. Thanks again.

Donna C, Canada. 21st May 2006


Just a note to let you know that our dress is now sold. Thank you once again for your assistance - I have recommended your site to many people. I look forward to using your facility again in the future.

Catherine Casey, Ireland. 13th May 2006


I am pleased to inform you that our dress has been sold due to advertisement on your site. Thank you for your co-operation. As a dancing teacher, I hope to sell more of my pupils costumes through your site in the near future.

K. O'Boyle, U.K. 11th May 2006


Thank you so much for providing such an efficient and useful service. We have just had confirmation of the sale of the dress. We will certainly be in touch when we want to sell any dresses in the future.

Leanne Noakes, Australia. 3rd May 2006


I just wanted to let you know that my dress sold this weekend and should be taken off your site. Thank you so much for your help in doing this. The website was a godsend and as I no longer dance it would have been extremely difficult to sell my old dress without it.

Jenica Biggs, USA. 2nd May 2006


The dress is now sold, thanks for all of your help, I don't know what I would have done had it not been for your expert guidance, and your hard work...I have told all the dancing moms I know about you and your wonderful service..

Lisa Naylor, Canada. 25th April 2006


Thank you so much for listing our dress. After listing it on Dance Again, we received many more inquiries than we ever had before. It has sold. Thanks again!

Elizabeth, USA. 25th April 2006


Just to let you know we have sold our dress to an American lady. Thanks again for the brilliant service, we would be at a loss without your site to communicate with others, as we are out of the dancing scene and are not in with who wants to buy/sell and competitions etc! Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Dave, New Zealand. 17th April 2006


Hi Lisa, You can remove my dress from the site. I sold it! Thanks a lot, that is the 4th dress I've sold from you!

Kathleen, USA. 15th April 2006


Our Siopa Rince dress has now been sold. Thank you sooooooooo much for all your help, it sold through your website and it went to someone in Australia, I had an email from them today to say that they have received the dress safely and it fits perfectly. So thank you again sooooo much from a very happy Dance-Again customer I will definitely be using you again in the future, and would recommend you.

Natalie Day, U.K. 31st March 2006


This is the second dress I've sold on dance-again, it's such a fantastic way to share pre-loved dresses around the world. Thanks again,

Sian Morgan, Australia. 21st March 2006


Just want to let you know that I have quickly sold our dress with the help of your wonderful site. All of us at our studio are frequent Dance-Again surfers and know what a great service you provide. Thanks!

Annemarie Joyce, USA. 17th February 2006


We have completed the sale on our dress. I received certified funds for the dress, the dress was sent out and I have confirmation that the buyer received it and that it's a perfect fit. Thanks so much for all of your help, we will definitely use your services again should we have another dress to sell. I've been very impressed with your service, and the ease with which this process took place. Thanks again!!

Tamara Kerr, USA 13 February 2006


Just want to say a big thank you, the dress has been received by a very happy new owner. Still can't believe how quickly it all went through, sold and received in a week. I did not realise you were based in Australia, one well travelled dress, I bought new from Canada had it shipped to England, have shipped it to new owner in USA! Shall use your site next time, once again thank you.

Mary, U.K. 7 February 2006


Thanks, Lisa! I will definitely refer everyone else from our school to your site. We have a number of Gavin dresses in our school & I've had amazing response from your site! Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in selling their dress!

Dawn, USA. 9 January 2006


I just had to tell you how wonderful your site is. I listed a dress on your site and got about 8 inquiries in 3 weeks, before 4 weeks was up the dress was sold and home with it's happy new owner. Thank you.

Monica Deyo, CA USA. 3 January 2006


Our dress has been sold to a dancer in Maryland, USA. Thanks so much for your service--Unbelievably easy to use, very reasonably priced, and within one month I had three different buyers from across the USA seriously interested in the dress. I couldn't have sold it so quickly without you. Thanks for helping the dance community out!!

Kerri Connelly, USA. 3 January 2006

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