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When I first started out with Dance Again, it was a free site surviving 100% on donations received from buyers and sellers as well as regular visitors.I would like to sincerely thank the people listed below for helping out in those early days, you have all contributed to make Dance Again what it is today. I hope that you will continue to enjoy my site for many years to come.

Jayme Smith

Phyliss Manfredi

Kathleen Nolan

Regina McGovern

Kristen Mulcahy

Kathline Stevens

Diane Carroll

Catherine O'Connell

Kelley Klahn

Tess Gleave

Patricia Mogul

Mary Scott

Broga Rince


Fays Shoes

Jenny Connors

Paddy Kelleher Designs

Margaret and Laura Phillips

Deborah Shultz

Jean Schuhle

Janice McBride

Susan Gowin

Margaret Carroll

Mary-A1 Irish Dance

Cheryl and Sydney Martin

Harry, Jackie and Katherine H.

Donna Kerr

Amber Murray


Susan Schrempf

Aylwen Garden

Kim Walter

Sara Dries-Coons

Eileen Seirup

Candace Riopelle

Donna Driscoll

Eileen Parker

Leticia - Arrington's Irish Dance Shoes

Faith Greer

Jillian Howard

Kate Hunt

Carol Martinez

Anne Cunningham

John and Debbie Cobb

JoAnn Alexander

Kelly Villatoro

John Byrne


Nancy Sheehan

Mary Farrell

Jean Rubbo - McTeggart Irish Dancers

Mary McNellan

Gerald Harmon

Cindy Walsh

Frances Murphy

Tricia Weekly

Denise White

Kathryn Trenholme

Elizabeth Horn

Elaine Golding-Ferguson

Monica Beatty

Jill Schwartz

Vicki Persons

Mary Skotnicki

Sharon Carey

Michelle Campbell

Patricia Aslund

Sylvia O'Connor

Deb Durkin

Peg Hollis

Sandra Larkin

Laura Steffen

Renee Attard

Katrina Regan

Christine Keane

JoAnn Connolly

Jenifer Aronson

Kathleen Flaherty

Jill Schwartz

Lori Pearse

Jennie Crow

Sue & Dominick Penrose

Cynthia Bleth

Joanne Molesky

Morgan McBride

Geni Spokes

Kathleen Guckian

Kirations Irish Dance Dresses

The Emerald Pointe Irish Dance Dresses

Patricia Moran

Cheryl Howard

Donna Smith

Julia Bowen

Monica Deyo

Liz Howe

Connie Law

Irish Dance Supplies

Ellis Faraci

Lorraine McMahon

Mary White

All donations received September 25th 2002 to 20th August 2004.

Many thanks to everyone for your support. All donations received went directly to pay for the monthly charges associated with running the site and the purchase and continued use of the Dance-Again domain name. Thank you.

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