Thank you for considering advertising your business on Dance Again. Since it's launch in February 2001, Dance Again has grown into one of the
best known places on the internet to buy and sell Irish dance costumes. Attracting over 22 million visitors to date, with an average of over 2,000
visitors per day, the site has resulted in over 14,000 dresses, both new and used, finding new homes throughout the world.

Dance Again visitors also come to the site in search of  dressmaker information, Irish dance supplies, the very popular message board links and
generally for anything to do with Irish dance. Having your business listed on the main home page of this site is a guaranteed way to increase visitors
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Dance Again is also regularly advertised on Facebook and Instagram. This brings lots of new visitors to the site and lots of new buyers!

Premium Ad Feedback.

After successfully advertising and selling several off-the-rack and used dresses on Dance Again, I placed a Premium ad on the home page. Already I
have noticed a large increase in the number of e-mails enquiring about ordering a dress. I'm so pleased with my great looking ad. I sent in a graphic
and Lisa did the rest. It couldn't be simpler.
Kathryn Trenholme TCRG
Damhsa Dresses

Your site is magic!  My website hits have quadrupled....and I am very, very grateful to say the least.
Stephanie Black

The traffic that comes to my site from Dance Again is amazing! It's at the top of my list, above Google search referrals. Keep up the good work on
the website, Lisa!
Kathi Hennesey

What is included?

Your Premium advertisement will include an ad on the main page of Dance Again (sized as above). Once your Premium fee is received, I will make
an ad for you using a graphic from your website or a graphic of your choice. Your ad will be a clickable link, visitors only need to click once to be
taken directly to your website. Don't miss out, Premium spaces are strictly limited. Once all spots are taken a waitlist will be created.

Wait! There's More!

Your website link will also be posted on the Dance Again Facebook page! Did you know that my Facebook page has over 15,900 followers? This
grows on average by 50 each week!


My Message Boards page receives between 800 and 1,100 hits per day. Your ad will also be featured on this page, ensuring that your business is
seen regularly (and remembered) by large numbers of Irish Dance consumers, World wide.

Premium Rates.

New Pricing!! New low rates!! Easy Monthly Billing!! (optional)

Your amazing, high traffic ad will now cost only $US30 (£20) per month!

Option 1: Use the PayPal button below to sign up for automatic monthly billing, cancel at any time:
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Option 2: Email me to have an invoice sent for a time frame of your choice (in monthly increments), no PayPal account required for this option, no
ongoing commitment.

Before signing up, please email to make sure that there is a space available for you, or if you have any questions regarding
your requirements.
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