April 13, 2016 - Selling Tips

Why isn't my dress selling? We hear this all the time at class and read it on message boards etc. Sometimes it's just a slow time of year, a dress
that's an unusual size or design (remember the Wizard of Oz dress?), other times it could be the way you are handling your dress advertising, so let's
talk about that!

I have sold more than a dozen dresses myself and along with listing thousands of dresses for others, I believe that these are the four main points that
can make or break your dress ad...

1. Good, clear photos are a must! Whilst a photo on a dancer is ideal, if you don't have a good one, don't use it! Your photo is the first thing a buyer
will see, if it is dark, grainy or out of focus, covered by trophies or a sash, do not use it. It is much better to use a high quality,bright and clear photo
of the dress on a hanger or table, than a bad photo of the dress on your dancer.

2. Write a good description of the dress but don't make it too long, people lose interest after a few sentences. You don't need to describe every
single crystal, just the main points of dressmaker, colors, fabrics, condition and inclusions.

3. Price your dress to sell, look at what else is out there so that you are not asking a huge amount more than the going price for similar style dresses.
Offer returns if at all possible. (See post below from Jan 20).

4. Most important! Do not list your dress and then never update it. I can not stress this enough. If your dress was listed a year ago and has not sold,
it most likely won't sell this year either if nothing changes. I recommend reducing your price regularly, at least every one or two months. This will
bounce the dress back onto the home page and also post it back onto Facebook each time, giving the dress more exposure and keeping the ad
current. The value of your dress goes down as time passes so the faster you can secure a sale the better. It's much better to get $100 less than you
hoped now, than still have the dress under your bed for years to come because it's too out of style and worth less than you spent on crystals!

Oh, and even that Wizard of Oz dress eventually sold when the price was right, the new owner loved it!

March 3, 3016.
Thanks so much to everyone who listed a dress with me during February, there were lots of tickets in my giveaway and a lucky Christine Curtis from
New York was the winner! I have posted a short video of the winning ticket being drawn on my facebook page if anyone is interested.

Sooooo.... Due to the great feedback I have received, I have decided to keep my listing fee at 1%  for the time being. I would really appreciate if
everyone reading this would please spread the word with their dancing friends!

February 11, 2016.
15th Anniversary Sale ! Today marks 15 years since I first started Dance Again and I would like to thank each and every
seller/buyer/teacher/dancer/dressmaker/vendor from the bottom of my heart for supporting my site for all of these years. I appreciate your business
more than you know, and feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people, both in person and online.

From today, all listing fees will be reduced to 1% of your dress price (usually 3%). As always, further discounts also apply for listing 2 or more
dresses on the same day (a further 10% off!).
In addition, during February every seller will go into the draw to win a $US50 Dreamtime Creations gift certificate (see below). If you have a dress that
you would like to list for sale, please email me the details to
Lisa@dance-again.com or simply fill in my listing form..

Upon receiving your dress info, I will send you a Paypal request for the reduced listing fee. Please do not hesitate to email with any questions you
may have. Thanks so much, I look forward to helping you sell your dress.

February 1, 2016.

WIN WIN WIN ~ Fantastic February Promotion!
List your dress for sale on Dance Again during February 2016 and go into the draw to win a $US50 gift certificate from Dreamtime Creations! Just go
dance-again.com/home and click the "submit your dress" button to get started! Once your listing fee is paid and your dress listed on the site, you
will be automatically entered into the draw. I will draw one winner on March 1st and notify the winner by email. The winners name will be published
here and on the Dance Again facebook page. Don't delay, send your dress in today!

January 20, 2016.

Today I have been looking at the dresses for sale and noticed something that I think all sellers need to seriously consider. In particular, I was looking
at dresses that have been for sale for a while, even though they are gorgeous dresses, many made by "Big Name" Dressmakers and many bargain
priced. Why aren't they selling? I found that a lot of them had one thing in common, a very large percentage of them were listed as "final sale"...

I have been told by buyers that not being able to return a dress will put them off even contacting a seller. There are so many sellers who list their
dress as returnable that it's too easy for them to skip over a final sale dress and move on to one that gives them the peace of mind that it can be
returned if it isn't right when it arrives.

If you have a dress that hasn't sold quickly that you have listed as final sale, have a think about offering returns, it may just be what is holding you
back from getting that sale. Chances are that you will not have to take the dress back, it's just an insurance policy for the buyer, they want the sale to
go through just as much as you do.

If you are wondering how to handle a returnable sale, I suggest the following...

1. Double check all measurements, send detailed photos, be honest about the condition of the dress.

2. Once you have agreed on a sale, the buyer will send you full payment plus the cost of shipping. Do not send the dress without full payment.

3. Make an agreement with the buyer that once they receive the dress, if they wish to return it, they must have it on its way back to you within 48
hours. If the buyer is in another country, ask them to mark the package/customs declaration as "Return to sender, wrong size".

4. When you receive the dress back, you refund the dress price only, keeping whatever it cost you to ship the dress to the buyer.

5. If you have asked for the dress to be marked as "sale pending" on the site, let me know if it is returned, I will simply remove the pending sign and
you are back in business. Of course, also let me now if it is sold!

Some variations to consider...

1. Offer a refund to anyone who wants to buy the dress, no mater where they are from.
2. Offer a refund only to buyers within your own country and make overseas sales final.
3. Offer a refund only if the full asking price is paid. If the buyer would like to offer less and you accept their offer, you can make it a condition of
accepting the offer that the sale is then final.
4. Leave it as final sale, but be aware that you may be significantly reducing your pool of buyers, and that's fine, you should do whatever you are
comfortable with.

If you would like to make any changes to your return policy, or to any part of your dress ad, please email
Lisa@dance-again.com. Please do not
hesitate to email me if you have any questions at all.
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Latest News
September 18th, 2017

As I do every year, I have spent countless hours over the last few months emailing dress sellers to make sure that their dress is still available. There
are over 2,000 dresses listed, so that's a lot of emails! Unfortunately many sellers do not reply, so trying to do the right thing, I spend more time
sending reminders (as the last thing I want to do is remove a dress that might still be available) which also mostly go unanswered. After 16 years of
doing this, I have decided to make sellers responsible for keeping their listing current, so have updated my listing conditions as follows, please note
this will take effect immediately and will apply to all listings currently on the site...

+Unfortunately some sellers do not let me know when their dress sells. Listings that haven't been updated in 2 years will be considered abandoned
and removed. To update your ad, please simply email me:
Lisa@dance-again.com. The 2 year time limit will reset each time you update your listing.

A big 'Thank You' to the sellers who did reply to my emails! I hope that everyone will think that a 2 year limit in order to keep the site current is fair. I
will just repeat that if you update your ad at least every 2 years, your dress will not be removed until you let me know that it is sold.
May 6th, 2019

Unfortunately, due to the new PayPal refund policy, I have had to remove the "Pay Now" buttons from my website and listing forms.
PayPal will no longer refund their fees when a payment is refunded, they will refund to the buyer in full, and charge the vendor/seller
their fee. As happened to me today, occasionally a dress seller will mistakenly enter their dress price into PayPal instead of their 1%
fee, thus sending me a large sum which up until this week, could be easily refunded in full with no fees charged. Today after receiving
a payment of $US900 instead of $US9, I would have been charged $US32.70 in fees. Luckily I was able to find a sympathetic ear at
PayPal and they agreed to waive the fee "just this once". I can not risk this happening again so from today I will send a PayPal invoice
for all new listings.
Please accept my apologies for the delay this may cause, I am in Australia so there could be a few hours between you submitting your
form and me sending the PayPal invoice. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns on