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Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to share their dress selling experience!

If you would like to submit feedback to this page, please click here to email Dance Again.



We were clueless about how to provide measurements before we followed your guidelines, and it was very helpful for us. The buyer of our dress said that it fit "like a glove"! 

Adelle Sorensen, USA. 3rd November 2023.

SOLD! Found the perfect fit- so happy for the dancer. Thanks!!!!

Chris Crow, USA. 18th October 2023.

The red dress has sold through your website! It all worked out great and so thankful to you and your website!

Angela Truka, USA. 13th September 2023.

Hi Lisa - The dress just sold. Thank you! Your site is the best!

Susan Maher, USA. 2 September 2023.

Thank you for your service over the years. That's my fourth dress sold on your website. I'm very pleased they all found new homes.

Courtney Rockenbach, USA. 22nd July 2023.

I had just about given up hope, but it finally sold. The new owner is very happy with the dress. Thanks so much for your great service.

Erin Argus, USA. 24th June 2023.

Hi Lisa, I’m writing to let you know that my dress has been sold and you may take it off your site. #621A

Thank you for your wonderful service!  

Trish Crowley, USA. 16th May 2023.

I am pleased to report that one our dresses has sold on Dance Again: Thank you for the easy process and reasonable fee! 

Michelle Keating, USA. 11th March 2023.

Someone is taking the dress. If you could remove it from the site I would appreciate it. Thank you so much for all of your help! What a great service to help keep Irish dance going strong. 

Christy Donham, USA. 2nd January 2023.

My dress sold through Dance Again and is on its way to America from the UK. Thank you so much.

Melanie Boddy, UK. 17th December 2022.

Sold via Dance Again!! Thank you!!

Sophie Chandler, New Zealand. 15th December 2022.

Sold via your site once again! Thank you Lisa.

Michelle, Phoenix Irish Dresses. 11th December 2022.

My dress (ref 731B) has now sold. Thank you so much once again for another listing on your site that sold.

Megan McGarrigle, UK. 11th November 2022.

Hello! Our dress sold on Friday, 10/7/22, as a direct result of the the Dance Again posting. Thank you!

Bridget McNamara, USA. 7th October 2022.

Thank you for featuring my two dresses, numbers 707b and 711b, on your Dance Again website. I am happy to say they both sold last week therefore, please remove them from the website. Thanks again for all you do.

Annemarie Cake, USA. 23rd August 2022.

Our dress sold via Dance Again - thank you!!

Dara McAleer, Australia. 21st August 2022.

Hi, Lisa. Our dress sold to somebody who found it on your website! Please end the listing, and thank you very much!

Steve Mins, USA. 20th August 2022.

Thank you so much for listing our dress. We sold it and the transaction was completed successfully.

Vanessa Uribe, Canada. 18th August 2022.

My dress sold through Dance Again. Thank you so much!

Jill Moen, USA. 17th June 2022.

Just letting you know that the dress is now sold through dance again.  It is on its way to Perth in Australia. I have sold most of my dresses throughout the years on your site. I had 3 girls that danced.

Laura Doherty, UK. 24th May 2022.

Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for your service- we've sold the dresses! I am so happy to know they will be loved and worn again!

Marianne Politte, USA. 12th May 2022.

Thanks to your website, I have sold Dress 605A!  You may remove the listing or mark it as sold. Thank you again!

Dawn Williams, USA. 9th May 2022.

Hi Lisa, Another dress of mine (216A) sold through your site. Many thanks!
Kathy Budd, Australia. 26th April 2022.

Our dress is sold. Thanks again Lisa!!! Buyer is thrilled!

Catherine de Campos, USA. 16th April 2022.

We sold this Dress #315A today!  Thank you for all of your help.

Lori Buck, USA. 5th April 2022.

Thank you! I sold my dress through your site! Thank you!!

Siobhan Coffey, USA. 29th march 2022.

Just advising the dress has been sold. For your information they found the dress on your website.

Michelle Lomas-Travers, Australia. 23rd march 2022.

605B Sold,  Thank you Lisa!! Always a pleasure to use your service. I have one more to sell, so will be contacting you with that in another week or two.

Tina Baron, USA. 27th February 2022.

Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate your website and all the information to help sell our dress.

Carol Sullivan, USA. 18th February 2022.

Thank you Lisa! I am excited that someone is interested in the dress. It's sold! Thanks so much for your help!

Eva Slattery, USA. 1st February 2022.

Thank you Lisa, this dress sold in less than two months on your dress site!

Trudy Quinn, Canada. 25th January 2022.

Hi Lisa,  I've sold 431A, 508A, 604A, 612A and 609A. I gave her a very good price,  but at least they are no longer in my cupboard and will get a chance to dance again!

Kathryn Trenholme, Australia. 6th January 2022.

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