Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to share their dress selling experience!

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Thank you so much. This dress sold over the weekend. I appreciate being able to list it here, and the tips for shipping were most helpful.

Take care!

Kirsten Holmes, USA. 24th September 2019


Thank you! Our dress sold thanks to your site! Many thanks for being so helpful and responsive.

Meg Munger, USA. 12th September 2019


Thank you for listing this dress for me. I am happy to announce it is SOLD. I had an inquiry from the original owner the day it was posted, she was so happy to be able to repurchase her original dress!

Kathryn Gislason, Canada. 20th August 2019


Hi Lisa, Please mark dress #1743A as sold. I was able to sell the dress due to listing it on your website. Thank you for creating a website that allows us to advertise and sell our dresses painlessly. Have a great day!

Rhonda Hora, USA. 12th June 2019


That’s the Gavin dress (904B) sold. Many thanks for your support. Great service!

Julie Carson, Scotland. 7th June 2019


Dear Lisa, Please mark dress 525A as sold. I hope to have another couple of dresses to list soon. Thank you so much for the excellent service from Dance-Again.

Ann Podolanko TCRG, Australia. 31st May 2019


Hi Lisa. I wanted to let you know that my dress #1114A has sold. Once again, your site was the reason for the sale. Thank you for offering this wonderful service!

Eileen Fitzgerald, USA. 31st May 2019


Hey Lisa…looks like you can put a SOLD sign across dress 1817B as well! The “feature" works…I’m a believer!

Phil Reynolds, USA. 27th March 2019


Thank you for helping me to sell the dress. One down, two to go!

Michelle McDonnell, Australia. 11th March 2019


Hi Lisa, I am pleased to advise that this dress has sold...and while it took a while, we had a great experience with the whole process. Many thanks.

Alison Wedekind, Canada. 27th February 2019


Dress was sold in less than a month and the new dancer loves it - thank you for providing the platform!

Nicole Piotrowicz, USA. 23rd February 2019


Thanks for the help in selling my dress! It made the process much easier.

Rachel Holland, USA. 13th February 2019


My dress has sold. Could you please remove it from the website? Thanks again for your work running dance-again. I have sold almost all of my dresses through your website.

Ceridwen Radcliffe, Australia. 9th February 2019


I wanted to say thank you for running such a terrific site! I just purchased dress 1956B for my daughter and it was a wonderful, seamless transaction. Thank you again.

Molly Nawrocki, USA. 21st January 2019