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1997 marked the 100th anniversary of Ceili
dancing, a uniquely Irish dance popular around
the world. For this special program a
collection of world champion dancers were
assembled along with such Ceili bands as The
Gallowglass, The Sean Norman Ceili Band,
and many more...
Now, for the first time, you can own the
concert that was arguably the biggest rock
event in history. Over 10 hours of
performances in a premium-packaged
4-DVD set. Royalties will benefit Band Aid
Trust, which continues to provide direct
hunger relief in Africa.
"There are abundant wonderful musical
combinations on this video: Costello and
Lunny, EmmyLou Harris and Mary Black,
the ni Dhomhnaill sisters joining Coolfin,
and more. The show includes a dazzling
excerpt from Riverdance with new dancers
(showing they, too, can keep up with the
likes of Jean Butler, Colin Dunne....
"In this wonderful concert you will see three
dances performed by former Riverdance
star, Jean Butler. It is nice to see Jean in her
pre-Riverdance days, she does three
hard-shoe solos in this video. If you love
Celtic music, and the people who inspire the
songs, you'll love this video! With special
guest Nanci Griffith, who can go wrong?"
"One clue that this video isn't like ordinary
instructional dance videos is the fact that the
instructor, Riverdance-star Colin Dunne,
appears, not in a small dance studio, but on a
real stage, around which are gathered real,
expectant audience members...."
"Do you envy ballet dancers their long,
lean bodies and graceful, elegant
movements? This beautifully produced
exercise video was developed by Peter
Martins and the New York City Ballet
with the New York Sports Club..."
"Pilates has become very popular and for good
reason. By working the core muscles (the
abdominal and back muscles in the center of
your body) you improve strength and posture
and develop a lean, long line."
"If you aren't smiling by the time
you have heard this CD check your
pulse! This CD will make you want
to dance and sing. This is a pleasure
to own!"
"An expanded and more polished version of
Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames was
recorded at an outdoor performance in
London's Hyde Park. While much of the
material is familiar to Flatley fans, the
production is superior in every way..."
"Wonderfully written with detailed
pictures from the Book of Kells as
well as others showing the underlying
layout of the actual knotwork. The
techniques shown are SO easy and
SO basic, if you ever thought that
you'd like to learn how to draw
knotwork, you can! Buy this book
and you'll be drawing within hours."
"This is a treasury of exquisite vintage
designs of breathtaking delicacy and
intricacy. These designs are amazing in their
three-dimensionality-- enchanting! If you
are a lace-crocheter and buy only one book
this year, let this be the book and you will
not regret it!"
Not just the ideal reference for the
interested enthusiast, The Companion to
Irish Traditional Music provides a unique
resource for every home, school, or library
with an interest in the distinctive rituals,
qualities, and history of Irish traditional
music and song.
In Association with Amazon.com
Narrator and lead singer Karan
Casey (Solas) is enchanting,
musicians Martin Hayes (violin) and
Dennis Cahill (guitar) display
magical heart-melting powers.
Children ages 6 and up will be left
The warmth and richness of
these compositions will soothe
and inspire those who choose to
The most incredible, hauntingly
beautiful CD I have ever heard. I
bought copies for everyone I
know so they may share in this
most lovely, spiritual music. I
cannot imagine life without it.
This collection of 12 jigs,
reels,and hornpipes draws
from the vaults of Claddagh,
Ireland's premier traditional
music labelIf this music
doesn't set your feet to
tapping, check your pulse.
once I started, I couldn't put the book
down. Ms. Brennan tells the story of
Irish Dance with an obvious love of the
subject and a gift for storytelling. I
found myself enjoying this book more
than I ever expected, and learned a
great deal in the process.
"I am an Irish Step dancer  and I
love this book, if you're an Irish
step dancer..... get this book!!!"
       Only $US4.95!!!
In this winning collection of
seventeen original tales, John B.
Keane plumbs the rich folk culture of
Ireland as he portrays the holiday
dreams and everyday shortcomings
of ordinary country people during the
Christmas season.
A great story, for boys and girls
alike, the artwork is rich, and
unique. This would make a great
gift for a child from quite young
to teenagers, or even for adult
collectors of great illustration
Teresa Bateman's Ring Of
Truth is simply
wonderful! I enjoyed
reading this wild tale of
"true" blarney. Delightful
and entertaining---A great
Gold celebrates the unique dance
genius that is Michael Flatley. This
exciting video contains all of Michael's
greatest hits, plus two sneak previews
of exclusive dances recorded
especially for this presentation on the
set of Michael's film. Also featuring
five brand new dances and new
versions of the classics filmed in
Budapest where Michael thrilled an
ecstatic audience of over 100,000
This guide contains 55 complete
set dances, including all those
danced commonly in classes,
summer school and at feiseanna
The flowing tide is the sequel to the
highly successful Toss the Feathers,
providing a selection of set dances,
including some danced in the United
States and Canada
Click on the link to listen to
samples of the 12 tracks on this
CD. Tracks include..Walls of
Limerick, The Seige of Ennis,
Pride of Erin and more...
While listening to this CD, I felt
like I was back in Ireland sitting
in a pub, relaxing while having a
pint and listening to great music.
Recommend this to anyone who
wants traditional Irish music.
Click on the link above
to see a list of all 24
tracks on the CD.
This collection features an upbeat set of
tunes from a nice variety of Celtic
players. The focus is on dance and Blair
Douglas gets things off on the right foot
with the percussion-rich piece "The
Landlord's Walk" before accordionist
John Whelan steps in with some jigs and
I am so impressed with this
compilation of beautiful songs from
some of Irelands finest artists. The
tone of their music flows straight
from their hearts through to yours.
Truly joyous in spirit, it lifts you
gently into the warmth and comfort of
somewhere beautiful with a singing
heart. I cannot recommend this CD
more strongly.
Reading these essays by an Irish
folk musician, you are drawn in
and transported, and it begins to
seem that you can hear the fiddles
and bodhrans, and you can almost
smell the Guinness. Ciaran
Carson, who has published several
books of poetry, spent many
years playing traditional Irish
music in pubs with sawdust on
the floor.....
2 disc set.
This is a great Celtic CD. Very well
produced music, out of the ordinary,
guaranteed to catch your ear and steal
your heart
This album could be a live
recording. The clarity,
energy, spontenaity and
enthusiasm of a live
concert flies off this
This book includes 20 numbers from
the show, including such selections
as "Freedom" and "American Wake,"
which were added for the New York
version of the show.  The book also
includes texts (not translated) and
song-by-song notes by the composer.
Dancers take meticulous care of all their
equipment because training and performance
depend on it. Of course, the most essential
piece of equipment, the body, needs the
about: how to take care of the world's
greatest machine.
This book is a necessity for all
serious and recreational dancers!
It helped me reach a new level in
my dancing by giving me
guidelines in how to maintain a
healthy weight and how to
acheive an optimum state of
health required in both the
professional and pre-profession
dance worlds.
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Only $US1.00 !
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Only $US1.98 !
You heard it at the World
Championships, now buy it
I don't think you will find a
fresher breath of Irish air
anywhere on a CD. And as they
say in Ireland, if you don't like
the weather, wait a few minutes.
Sharon Shannon like the Irish
weather blows alternately gentle
and fierce. A great album.
A modern day folktale with a
terrific, spunky heroine, a good
story and a wonderful
ending.This book is everything a
children's story should be.
If you’re a lover of Irish
myths and history, there are
rich pickings here. A
wonderful history of Ireland
told in novel form.
Kathleen wants to be an Irish
dancer so much that she practices
her jigs, reels, and hornpipes all
over the house.....
Keep all of your
practice music in one
spot, compile your
own play list. No more
changing CD's!