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Australian Irish Dance Message Board

New UK, Irish, European and Worldwide ID Forum

New Irish Dance Message Board

Scottish Irish Dance Forum

Irish Dance Families Off Topic Board

New Zealand Irish Dancers Message Board

Pacific Northwest Irish Dance Board

Adult Irish Dance Message Board

Southern Region Message Board

Mid-America Irish Dance Board

New Moderated Eastern Canadian Message Board  

Eastern Region Irish Dancing Message Board

Eastern Canadian Region Message Board

Western Canadian Irish Dance Message Board

Real Men Irish Dance

New England Irish Dancers

Celtic Flame Irish Dance Costumer's Message Board

Western Region Irish Dancers Message Board

Feis411 Message Board  

South/South Western Region Open Platform Irish Dance Board

New TCRG Exam Forum

ADCRG Exam Hopefuls Forum

Dance Net

An Comhdhail Irish Dancing Forum

Second-Hand Irish Dance Shoes/Australia

Irish Dance Shoe Exchange ( International )

Irish Dance Giveaway Board

The Open Platform Irish Dance Forum- WIDA - CRN - CRDM - FDTA & More!
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