dance again
Although my main career has been as a molecular geneticist, and I am currently studying
plants in Antarctica, I am finding that dressmaking is slowly taking over my life!
I am almost fully booked for custom dresses at the moment, but I am always happy to discuss possibilities
for fitting in an additional dress, as well as bookings for next season.

I also make "off the rack" dresses whenever time permits.

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I aim to keep dressmaking a
stress-free and enjoyable
experience, ensuring dresses
are always completed on
time. I am happy to work to
a set budget, and there is
never any obligation to buy
a custom dress from me
when it is completed -
although nobody has ever
taken me up on this option!
I have always been fascinated by gorgeous
fibres and textiles, and enjoy spinning, knitting
and sewing to create unique garments. I have
now become addicted to working with richly
embroidered and sequined fabrics to create
individual Irish Dance dresses.
To view my brand new off the rack dresses currently for sale, please click the following links:
901B, 1201A