dance again
A wonderful site made by a dancer "Diochra Dot Com is a place where those who
love Irish dancing - young and old, student or teacher, dancer or spectator - can
learn new and exciting ways to explore their art form."
Free Dance Again Toolbar - Handy toolbar with direct links to Dance Again, dresses, message boards and more.

Reelpix - Irish dance photography

Irish Dancing in Sydney - A fabulous site with information for dancers of all levels and their parents.

Irish Dance Moms Blogspot - All the latest news on Irish dancing, lots of helpful information and links.

Nordic Society of Irish Dancers - For lovers of Irish dance in the Nordic countries.

Irish Dancing in Japan - Rinceoir is a Japanese language Irish dance website by a Japanese Irish dancer.

Feisbook - The total Irish dancing site!
North America's premier magazine for Irish dance enthusiasts - Feis America.