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This Month's Statistics - May
Dresses sold:  
Total sold 2015: 996     Sold to date 2016: 2
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All Irelands 31Oct-05Nov 2016
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12,827 Dresses sold since February 2001
This site was last updated
2 May 2016.

513A, 837A, 1420B, 1826A, 1844A, 1849A. Boys Costume added.

827A, 1705B.

1May  New 1139C, 1708A. Reduced 1313A.

30Apr  New 826C, 1143B, 1532C. Reduced 825C, 955A, 964A, 1205B.

29Apr  New
206A, 808C, 1507C, 1518C, 1520C, 1525C. Reduced 715.

28Apr  New
1128C, 1131C, 1732A, Boys Costume. Reduced 1445B, 1715B.

More recent updates...
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Hi Lisa, The dress has been sold. Thank
you so much! The buyer sent inquiry
within 1 hour of the ad being up on your

Kathryn A, USA.
Our dress has sold. Thank you for listing
it so quickly, I was happy as I sold it 2
hours after it going live!

Christine A, UK.
Hi Lisa, I have sold my daughters dress
#219B. Many thanks to your web site, I
had it listed on many but only got quality
inquiries from yours.

Tanya B, Australia.
My dress sold to Australia and the buyer
is delighted with the dress and the smooth
process with which the sale has been
dealt with. This is the 5th dress I've sold
in less than a year on this site.
Laura D, Northern Ireland.
Dress listing fee reduced, now only 1% !
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