The blue email links on Dance Again should automatically open up a blank email already addressed to the dress seller. If they don't, you have two options of
obtaining the address.

1. You need to change the settings on your computer so that whatever email program you use ( Hotmail, Gmail etc ) is your "Default Email Program. For more
information on this, please scroll to the bottom of my
Frequently Asked Questions page.

2. If you don't want to change the settings on your computer, you can use this quick method....
After clicking "Properties" this box will pop up on your screen.
The highlighted area below is the sellers email address. To quickly copy and paste the address, click your mouse at the beginning of the address, then holding
your left mouse button down, drag it over the address. This will highlight the address in blue as shown below. To copy the address, hold down the "Ctrl"
button on your keyboard and at the same time, hit the "c" key. Then go to your email program and open up a blank email, click the send to box and then again
hold down your Ctrl button and hit your "v' key. This will paste the address into the box for you. So Ctrl + c is copy and Ctrl + v is paste.
Once you get the hang if it, this is the quickest way to find and copy/paste from any link on the site. If you still aren't sure or have any problems, please just
email me on with the dress number you are interested in and I will email back the sellers address to you.
© Dance Again
Right mouse click on the blue email link and then select "Properties".