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Customer Feedback 2011
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Hi Lisa. I sold my dress, we are so happy. It was only on your site for a week. Thanks.
Michele Truyaert, USA. 24th October 2011.

Thank you for listing my dress. I just wanted to let you know that I sold it and it can be marked as sold on your website. I
was so excited, I had an offer within 3 days of posting it on your site. It is the 3rd dress I have sold through you. Thank you
so much for your service and I will be in touch with you next year when it is time to sell another dress. Thanks again!
Cathleen Newman, USA. 24th October 2011.

Hi Lisa, Just to let you know dress has now been sold, thanks! Third dress I've sold on dance-again!
Anne Mote, Scotland. 12th October 2011.

Our dress has been sold. Thank you for your great service all these years. I have sold 3 dresses on Dance-Again and now my
dancer has retired. I appreciate all you've done for the Irish Dance community with your business. Thanks again.
Eileen Downes, Chicago,IL. 21st September 2011.

Just want to thank you for all your help in selling my dresses over the years.  This time the dress sold within a week! It is a
great site with lots of help listed. I posted the dress to Ohio from Ireland by registered post and it arrived within a week. Both
I and the buyer are delighted with how the whole thing went so smoothly. My daughter has now retired so I don't think we
will be buying any more dresses.  However I will recommend your site to all my friends.
Sandra Kierans, Ireland. 20th September 2011.

Just wanted to advise you that we sold our dress today through your site. Thanks for all your help - it was much easier &
sold much faster than we were expecting.
Belinda Lincoln, Australia. 28th August 2011.

I sold our dress today. Thank you so much for your help. I had lots of interest in the dress as a result of your website and am
thrilled to have sold it very close to asking price.
Trish Beirne, USA. 11th August 2011.

Sold our dress (1211A) the first day you listed and already in the hands of the new owner! Thank you.
Susan Corbeil, USA. 14th July 2011.

I wanted you to know that our dress is now sold. I received a response to my ad about an hour after receiving notification of
the listing! We arranged to meet the buyer at Nationals and they loved the dress. Thanks so much for helping to sell this dress.
Eileen Fitzgerald, USA. 6th July 2011.

I wanted to let you know I sold our dress through your website. It was for sale for a while, but we finally sold it.  
Wanted to let you know, and to let others know not to give up...eventually the right buyer will come along!
Kim Decker, USA. 4th July 2011.

I am so happy to tell you that I have sold my dress off the Dance Again Website.  I live in the Chicago area and I am selling it
to a dancer in Sydney, Australia. This is a great service and I appreciate it. I will use your service again.
Petrina Rauzi, USA. 31st May.

Just wanted to let you know that our dress has been sold to a buyer in Australia. Thanks for listing the dress! I can't believe
the big response I got because of your website!
Susie Castrogiovanni, USA. 28th May 2011.

I wanted to let you know that our dress sold so you can take it off the website. Thanks so much. It was so simple and easy
to sell it this way and I am thrilled. Thanks again.
Marcia DeAngelis, USA. 23rd May 2011.

I just wanted to let you know that I have sold my dress. I sold it to someone in Canada and the instructions you have on your
site for payment, packaging and shipping were great. I followed your directions and told the buyer that is what we would go
by. It was very easy and I am so happy to have found it a nice home!! This is my second dress I have sold through your site
and I appreciate your service. Thanks again.
Cathleen Newman, USA. 2nd May 2011.

I just wanted to let you know that I have sold dress #1819B! Thank you for letting me use your site, this was an awesome
site with great service!
Sheila Lipinski, Canada. 15th April 2011.

Hi Lisa:   Hope all is well with you!  Dress #886 has been sold (in only one day....yay!)  Your site is the only one I have any
kind of luck on!  You have a great service.  I'm sure that I will be in touch again soon!
Kristi Corcione, USA. 11 April 2011

Hi Lisa,  I sold the dress today! Thanks as always for your great service. This is the 3rd dress we have sold via dance again.  
Happy to be a one dress household.
Heidi MacLellan, Canada. 6th April 2011.

Just want to let you know that dress # 1608B is sold! Thank you for a wonderful service, I sold both of my dresses in one
week! Priced right sells!!!
Sharon Fromma, USA. 6th April 2011.

Dress now sold-this site is magic. I have sold all my dresses now after trekking them for months around the feisanna!
Have told all my pals in ID to use your site! My last dress went to Australia last week and I found your info sections really
helpful for tips on posting abroad, paypal courier etc. Thank you very much.
Siobhan Ruddy, Northern Ireland. 4th April 2011.

Waistcoat sold (black one with the white squiggles on it) - that's the 2nd one I've sold on your website! Thanks very much.
Patricia Donald, UK. 16th March 2011.

I just wanted to inform you that my dress has sold for full price. Thank you very much for your wonderful website, I will be
using it again in the future!
Joanne Swickard, USA. 22nd February 2011.

We are pleased to inform you that Charainas white and pink Gavin Dress has now sold. Thank you so much for allocating us
a slot on the featured dress page. We were getting almost 3-4 enquiries every day. Which we believe were motivated by
seeing the dress each day on the front page. We sold the dress within one week. Thank you again for taking the time to list
our dress and we will definitely be using your service again the future.
Rachelle and Charaina Kelly, UK. 22nd February 2011.

Just to let you know dress #245 - listed on top of your featured dresses sold today!! Thank you so much - our 3rd sale on
dance again!!
Shannon Dieleman, Canada. 18th February 2011.

I am happy - no THRILLED - to report that I have sold our dress. Thank you for making this possible!!  It has been a
pleasure doing business with you - 3 successful sales through Dance Again.
Nancy O'Brien, USA. 27th January 2011.

Thank you so much for all your help. This is 5 or 6 dresses now that I have sold through your site. It certainly is a great site
and I always sell them here. Thank you.
Suellen Yung, Australia. 27th January 2011.

I am happy to say the our dress has sold in record time! Thanks for the great web site. Everything was done professionally
and quickly. We had no problems! Great job!!
Sharon Wise, USA. 25th January 2011.

I wanted to let you know that my dress has SOLD as of last night. Thanks for all your help in the listing side, I think having it
on the front page as ‘featured’ really gave it the exposure it needed. The dress sold for the full price that I was asking & to a
dancer that is only half an hour drive away from us (which certainly is convenient!).
Carol McLennan, Canada. 19th January 2011.

Our dress has now been sold. The buyer saw the dress the day after you put it on the featured dress page!  Many thanks!
Ann Smead, UK. 12th January 2011.